Friday, December 17, 2010

Input DIrector - Multiples computer from just one interface

I was looking for a tool that allow me to control multiple computer from just one key/mouse.
I know, for long time external key/mouse/display swicthers; they are very nice, but I really want a software to do the job, possible over TCP/IP that control the direction of input data between several computer.
I was almost sure that will find some already done ver internet.
And I found! 2 options! InputDirector and Synergy.
I install and right now testing the InputDirector.
And really works nice!
If you have multiple computers, like notebooks and desktops, and don't like to have to change between keyboards and mouses, this is a really nice software.
It is very light running, and use very few machine resources()compared to several simple comercial softwares like MSN)
Take a look at: and enjoy!