Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Stunning panoramas! Panoramas Estonteantes! Com / With AutoStitch!

In a quest for knowledge, we can ever find more that expected.
In search about object recognition techiques for my computer science degree, I found this tool i will presented you.
I never ever see so great created panoramas from multi-photos.
Beutiful, almost perfect aligned, continuous light panoramic viewes.
The tool that does this wonderfull? AutoStitch
Autostitch, "is the product of two years of research by Matthew Brown and David Lowe at the University of British Columbia".
It AUTO recognize and "stitch" photos creating great panoramic views of a selected array of pictures. You dont need ever align or select the order of pictures. It auto ajust it for you, recognizing its!
REALLY AMAZING. http://www.cs.ubc.ca/~mbrown/autostitch/autostitch.html
Care have been taken, this is a DEMO intend for non comercial use. For comercial use, they licence this tool under in this comercial tools:Adjetives are never many, but amazing what this program can do.
Bellow a few images take by me and glued togheter with, of course, AutoStitch.
Are from Ibirubá, from to CESA mill and Barragem Passo Real.Click to englarge!
Credits for AutoStitch!
I try use my own panoramas with 360 desktop, but the program dont have option to me show my own picuteres.
Don't enjoy 360 desktop, but Enjoy AutoStitch!

Soon, portuguese version of this article.

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