Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One more home made MDF CNC

Now I will start to present my ideas and project about build a home CNC (or engraver?)
I define it bringing the reality of parts more easyly avaliable here, in my city and country; I live in  inner city in southen Brasil; a little different from USA and Europe, where is easy to find allthings; here is hard to find some kinds of parts; so I am adapting as possible the parts, as all others, to build my CNC; also I have tiny space to build everything.
I have in mind build all the electronic hardware.
Also I want to use other aproach for the software e and IOlines to control the motors; want to use bipolar motors; homopolar are too noise. Yet, the use of parallel port are to much exausted by all others CNC builings; I want to bring some new. Soon as possible I will post all the specs. I just like to note I preetend make a nice speed control to CNC.
I define all the project and now starting to cut the parts in 1.5 cm MDF;
Also should mention I will use IGUS parts, due to easy that its offer to build this kind of project; We have a good regional reseller for this parts. I already buy its and soon will post the IGUS's photos; I have its since a year ago, but dont have spare time to build the entire system. until now.
Bellow the image of I hope to become the CNC.
The 2 axis XZ are fixed and Y work above X (or Z).
Soon a post more about the project.
Sorry my poor english, but I not a good english writer.
I want to put all the software here too.
If you have some suggestio, please, dont think twice.
tell me! ;) I will appreciate!

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