Monday, January 18, 2010

First Test in speed control for stepper

I end the PIC program to control speed and a Windows interface to control and test the PIC program.
Soon as possible i will post the block diagram of PIC software.
Bellow a video of singer steppers made by my.
It are playing BigCity.mid song in 2 voices!
The bushless are better to make noise.
Using 2 motors for old Epson printers.
Using the driver from board of one old Epson to control both motors. Too using the power supply, to supply 5V and 42V.
But PIC are controlling the motors.
The pic receive the commands over serial, from windows, in XYZ and LENGHT over time numbers.
So PIC control the step generation.
It's like the "Dueling Steppers", found on Youtube.

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