Friday, September 24, 2010

Plotter/Engraver part N

Finaly, the fisrt picture of my Plotter/Future Engraver.
Some considerations about builting with MDF.
As Zoltar say to me, I shouldn't had been use MDF. It is a little bit bad.
Also, I am using just one traction axis for the base, that cause to much leisure on edges of mechanics.
Also, IGUS is to much imprecise. But it work for fun!
I am using old epson drivers and Rima/Emilia motors, that work natively on 200 steps/rev and with microstep now are working with 800 steps.
As say on last post, a Windows software control everything.
The MICROCHIP receive the commands and execute; It make the Glue between all parts.
I chose to use a SERVOMOTOR to control Z axis now. PIC control it! Very tigtht due time limitations, but works.
Microchip have poor stuction set, even that it is fast.
AVR I think may work MUCH better, because the program speed lots of instruction ADDing with carry on Microchip, where with ATMEL AVR there is a instruction that ADD with carry in normal way.
Well, for now, just this. Tomorrow I post a more.
Today the control board (with LB1946) used to play music and make the first tests, BURN due a accidental short circuit.
Now I am fixing with other and older DRIVER CHIP (Aleggro A2919LBS) and ajusting the program to work with this new architecture.
It's a great achievement to use old parts for new and nice things.

Bellow the picture of the hardware already build! Little bit messy, sorry.

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